About the Show

15-year-old Rory has suddenly lost her father. When she was younger, he was her playmate and fellow adventurer, creating maps and treasure hunts, pretending to be like the great Arctic explorers – the ‘beardy dead men’: Nansen, Shackleton, Freuchen, and more. After reading his journal, she decides to take his ashes on the trip of a lifetime. She sets out achieve his unfulfilled dream – to go to the North Pole.

This one-woman show is an extraordinary piece of writing by young UK playwright Tatty Hennessy. With the awkward blend of superior self-assurance and agonising self-doubt, typical of a 15 year old, Rory peppers her story with facts and characters from Victorian explorers right through to the people she meets on her travels.

Proudly presented by Dunedin-based Moose of Fire Productions.

85 minutes, solo show, no intermission

Key creatives:

Rory: Laniet Swann
Director, Visual Designer: Ellie Swann
Technical Designer: Martin Swann

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